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Our sisters take pride in being confident recognized leaders on campus and in our community

At Alpha Pi Phi Beta Chapter, our sisters encourage eachother to be leaders within our sorority, on our campus, and in the world. 
From executive council and chair positions within our sorority, to sisters involved in student government, or leading amazing clubs and projects, we are proud to have a network of strong empowered female leaders.


We are so fortunate to provide a place for sisters to engage in leadership opportunities during their time as active members and even beyond their time in the organization. From positions on our International Council of Alpha Pi Phi, job referrals, and to sharing of other opportunities, our members are able to continue to grow within Alpha Pi Phi and have the support to grow as individuals as well.


Executive Council 
2023 - 2024

276057554_768106484183869_7126540590063765237_n (1).jpg


Hailey Morgan

Tau Class

IMG_7614 2.JPG

Vice President

Sierra Nishimura

Phi Class



Chloe Theriault

Chi Class

IMG_6964 2.JPG


Edith Pendli

Phi Class


Membership Development Officer

Caitlyn Hills

Chi Class

IMG_7607 2.JPG

External Programming Officer

Olivia Lafferty

Chi Class


New Member Support Officer

Abbey Donegan

Chi Class

IMG_7615 2.JPG

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Desiree Wilkinson

Chi Class

Chair Positions
2023 - 2024

IMG_7625 2.JPG

Risk Management & Philanthropy

Gabby Corriveau

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