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Our sisters are dedicated to their studies and to cultivating academic excellence

The reason why we are all enrolled in University or College - to achieve a higher education; and the sisters of Alpha Pi Phi never forget that. Although Alpha Pi Phi hosts a multitude of social and philanthropic events throughout the school year, we also place a strong emphasis within our sisterhood on striving for academic excellence. Many of our sisters have even been awarded scholarships for their academic success; this includes entry level scholarships and several more!

Our sorority helps women excel in their academics through..

Study Sessions

A few times each month, Alpha Pi Phi Sorority holds mandatory study sessions throughout the school, which all our members must complete in order to be considered in good standing with the chapter. Our chapter on average has over 1000 study hours each school year!

Senior Send-Off

At the end of every school year, the sisters of Alpha Pi Phi host a Senior Send-Off in honor of our sisters that are graduating. We celebrate their accomplishments and achievements during their time at University or College.

Sisters Across Programs

Notes are shared, textbooks are passed down and sisters in the same program work together, helping each other study for upcoming exams or midterms. Our sisters are in a wide range of various programs including Medical Science, Kinesiology, Buisness, Concurrent Education, Sports Management, and many others.


Our sorority offers a scholarship in honor of our sister Jennifer Popescu for sisters pursuing post-graduate studies.


Academic Awards

Award Winner for Academic Excellence and Highest Overall Academic Average

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Hailey Morgan


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