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Giving back to our community is one of our sisters' favourite things to do

​An important aspect of a sister’s duty is to enrich the lives of others as well as herself, including such philanthropic endeavors. Alpha Pi Phi Sorority consistently strives to volunteer time, fundraise for donations, educate others about impacting issues within our society and to work with various charities during the academic term. Sisters do this around the St. Catharines/Niagara region community!

​The sisters of Alpha Pi Phi Sorority value the importance of charitable work and will continue to encourage others to realize this with in themselves. Reaching out to others is a priority and making a difference in any individuals’ life is a goal. Alpha Pi Phi will continue to acquire all effort in creating successful events and raising awareness to others. We will continue to dedicate our time always and look forward to managing new accomplishments in each academic term.

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In addition to our primary philanthropy, our sisters volunteer and support numerous causes across the Niagara Region.

On average our sisters collectively complete over 1000 service hours in the community each year.

Some causes we worked with this past year include Relay for Life, The Maycourt Clubs Toy Drive, the Shoebox Project, and knitting for Out of the Cold.




We also raise thousands for local causes through fundraisers.

Through hard work and planning, our sisters hosted multiple fundraisers to support not only our primary philanthropy, but other causes like MS Research.

Looking For Volunteers?

We are proud to award Jenn Pentland with the fall and Gabby Corriveau with the winter Philanthropy Awards 2023

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