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A Message From Our President

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Hailey Morgan - Beta Chapter President 2022 - 2023


My name is Sophie, and I am the President of Alpha Pi Phi’s Beta Chapter!

Arriving at Brock University in the fall of 2019, joining a sorority was something I never thought would be a part of my university experience/ life, thinking Greek life didn’t exist in Canada. The winter semester of my second year, I realized there was something missing from my university experience, a sense of community. I had always secretly wanted to join a sorority since I could remember, so I figured I would try out and am glad I did. Once I found Alpha Pi Phi, and attended the first rush event, I was hooked, seeing the genuine relationships and positive impacts fostered through Beta Chapter was exactly what I was looking for. Joining Alpha Pi Phi has changed my university experience and life for the better; providing fun, meaningful and valuable experiences, and building genuine lifelong friends and memories. This organization has nurtured my ambition, allowed me to find my voice and gain valuable leadership experience, and provided me with the strongest and most loyal support system I never knew I needed (or even knew existed!). Going into my final year, I could not be more proud to represent Beta Chapter, a sisterhood built on mutual respect and love, that demonstrates unwavering loyalty making lifelong friendships.

We all came to Brock University or Niagara College to earn a top-tier education, but post-secondary includes so much more than academics. This period of our lives forces us to grow and develop as individuals and really find who we will want to be. Having a sisterhood and community behind you through this makes the worst days feel lighter/easier and the best days even brighter. Alpha Pi Phi is something unique, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. 

Welcome to Alpha Pi Phi Beta Chapter! Please take the time to explore our website to get a small glimpse of what becoming a member of Alpha Pi Phi is all about! Please do not hesitate to reach out, we would love to get to know you.

Phi Love, 
Sophie Johnston B-217
Alpha Pi Phi President | Beta Chapter

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